Venue Information

Americans with Disabilities Act: The Sullivan Arena and SMG are sensitive to the needs of physically challenged individuals. Seating for those with physical disabilities is available at all price levels for all events throughout the Arena. 

Automated Teller Machines: There are two automated teller machines (ATM – cash machines) located conveniently in the Arena. 

Doors Open: Doors open 1 hour prior to Reserved Seating events, and 1.5 hours prior to General Admission or Festival events.

Rules and Etiquette

Sullivan Arena reserves the right to refuse admission.

Alcohol: No alcohol may be brought into the Sullivan Arena. 

Smoking: The Sullivan Arena is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Arena, including restrooms and lounge areas. Designated (outdoor) smoking areas are provided.

Carry-In Items: Food and Beverages, cans, bottles, thermos-type containers, and coolers are not allowed in the Sullivan Arena.  Sullivan Arena reserves the right to refuse entry of carry-in items as necessary.

Behavior: We encourage enthusiasm and active cheering. However, individual conduct must be bound by law and rights of others to enjoy the event. Guest behavior cannot unreasonably offend others or be unreasonably abusive to players, performers, or officials. Arena staff reserves the right to expel patrons whose behavior seriously affects the ability of others to enjoy the event. Please notify security personnel immediately if such a problem occurs.

Trespassing: Anyone trespassing on the ice at Aces, Seawolves, or other ice events, on the court at basketball games, or on the stage of any performance will be ejected and subject to arrest and prosecution in accordance to local ordinances.

Laser Pens: Any type of laser pen or laser object is prohibited from the Arena. Any such device is dangerous to fellow fans and event performers. Any patron found carrying such an object is subject to dismissal from the Arena. 
Audio and Video Recorders and Cameras: The use of cameras and video & audio recorders is regulated by the promoter of each event. Please check with the Sullivan Arena to find out if these devices will be allowed for a specific event.